Friday, January 15, 2010

Your Call Is Important To Us - January 15, 2010

Your Call Is Important To Us

Now who hasn't heard that famous salutation? It's been part of an automated voice
message for many years & used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Truth is when you make a statement like that and it is just that, a boldstatement, you had best be prepared to field a least a few snide remarks. And dare I say "a few" might be me being extremely generous.

So someone just has to ask "if my call was so freakin important to you, then why am I still on hold, not be tended to, essentially being ignored, forced to wait on hold for 90 minutes?"

Who hasn't joked about this whole customer service thing. But it's not a joke now is it?

By last year I honestly thought with social media making such in roads that we were really marching straight up and into actually about to fix all that's hugely wrong with personalized customer service.

Then the market meltdown happened and poof we just inherited some far more serious issues than the old customer service matters.

I will will say this, there looms a company, an upstart, that will likely be the next Google or Microsoft who will rewrite the customer service manual and make it feel like "oh my gosh, why didn't I think of that" Why? Because when they do throw down the customer service gauntlet .. the world will take notice in such a profound way, that it will brand that company with so much free publicity for their style they will stay atop their business sector for no less than a decade. Why? Because SIMPLE does that !

Customer service is not complicated, we just make it seem perplexing. Simple is so very under rated and misunderstood.

"Your call is important to us and I think we need to start talking ASAP"

About The Author: Mike Perras is a former media executive and faculty of business professor. Today he is a freelance writer, manages several blogs including, Canadian Stock Alerts. He is a social media strategist & marketing consultant.

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